Discounts on Party Bus Rental

My fiance and I are going to be getting married soon, if everything goes according to plan. We are having to make some fairly last minute changes to how the wedding is going to be held, and that is really making me nervous. One thing I need to do is to hire a party bus from Platinum because I have heard really good things about their customer service. But I hope that there is some way that I might be able to get a discount on how much it is going to cost for the rental of the party bus. I have looked at their rates a bit before, but I do not remember them off the top of my head. Continue reading →

Renting a Toronto Party Bus for Our Junior Hockey Team

Our junior hockey team was struggling. We did not have sponsors with deep pockets, and we had been on a losing streak. The kids were feeling low, and our old uniforms were not helping with morale. The parents were tapped out with their sports participation budgets. The money our team had for expenses was gone. I decided to rent a Toronto party bus for our next game on a credit card, and I asked for a 60 day deal on new uniforms for our team from our uniform supplier. I spent the week cleaning and refurbishing sticks and skates I had the kids drop off at our house. I got everything spiffy looking and shined up for the next big game on the weekend.

The kids did not know about the Toronto party bus until we met in the parking lot at the school to drive to the big game. I say “big game” because it was what would decide if we had a chance of making the playoffs this year. One more loss and we were out. Also, I think it was the deciding game for the kids too. They needed a big win and a fun win. Continue reading →